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Sessions is stuck in the past and so is his nonsense marijuana policy.  


Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice recklessly injected chaos and fear into the cannabis industry this January-- an industry that was carefully designed and crafted in response to a historic statewide vote.  

Not only has this industry flooded our state with thousands of new jobs, but our highly successful regulatory system has been studied and mimicked by governments all over the world. Also, due to the marijuana-induced economic boom, the Colorado legislature has been able to finance previously hard-to-fund programs such as public education campaigns and addiction prevention initiatives.  

Jeff Sessions cites the Controlled Substances Act, adopted in 1970 (when Nixon was still rummaging around in dark rooms and resisting desegregation), as proof that marijuana has been determined a “dangerous” substance.  A lot has changed since then, and it’s time to send the Department of Justice and Jeff Sessions a message.  

I, Representative Dan Pabon of the Colorado State Legislature, plan to introduce a resolution from the Colorado General Assembly calling for the DOJ to:  1) adhere to its original memos providing clear guidance to those working in industry;  2) refrain from taking any extra-prosecutorial efforts against the industry; and 3) respect the will of the people in Colorado.  

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